Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time is Insufficient‏ (Apr 7 post - sorry!)

Hello Everyone!

Sorry this is gonna be WAY short, but we're going ot the Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae today and I'm already late for meeting hte Elders. They can wait :).

Things are going so well with the work. I can't believe how many wonderful people Heavenly Father has plopped right in our laps. Everyone is progressing wonderfully....must be a sign I'll jhave to leave the area next week....

Big neews is that Lee Jung Min is getting baptized April 16th. She's the one I met as a Greenie in Kimhae and then came here to teach :). I've seen the Gospel really change her. She's kinda socially awkward, but I've seen the Gospel and Church functions help her open up and have confidence. I think getting the Holy Ghost so she can feel God's love more strongly will be the best step for her right now. I'm so excited for her.

I may or may not be pregnant (aka--in the mix for training next transfer). Heaven help whatever poor innocent soul that has to deal with me being their trainer. To think...she's gonna think I know what I'm doing...HAHAHA! I'll find out for sure tomorrow. I'll let you know next week.

I apologize to the large numbers of people to whom I owe a letter. My list is getting ridiculously long. I promise I'm still picking at it. You'll get a reply eventually, I promise!

Thank you to the Robisons for the Easter package. My companion is fascinated with the plastic eggs. Those are a novelty in Korea....she can have them all. I'm certainly not gonna lug them around the country.

I just love you lots!

I look forward to Conference this weekend. You've all said wonderful things about it. To answer Mom's question: I may have to watch it in Korean this time around. I have lots of investogators coming and no female english speakers to split with. Hopefully I can find SOMEONE to split with for at least one session.

Have a wonderful spring morning!



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