Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's a Girl!!!

Though I suppose you already knew that :). Sis. Codi Cramer was born into the Busan Mission on April 14, 2010 :). I'm her very proud "mom". Being a trainer is really weird---it's so funny what you just assume people know. I've been doing this so long I don't even remember having to learn the little stuff. It's been a real eye-opener. She's just a champ, though. Her Korean is really good and she has a lot of faith and hope. I suppose the most amazing thing is that rather than being scared to death of the challenge ahead (which by all rights I should be) I just feel calm and just have this constant reassurance that God gave me all of the specific training and experiences I need for the work ahead.

On top of training...I've been moved to a new area. I still live in my "castle" in Changwon, but I commute by bus everyday to the city of Jinhae where there are two wards--Jinhae and Pungho. I'm "opening" the area (scary!). THere are already Elders here, but opening just means there weren't sisters there before, so there aren't investogators and we're basically starting everything from scratch. I'd love for you all to pray for my language skills and my planning skills to match the challenge ahead of me. I'm really excited about it. I feel like training and opening a new area and training are both big signs of trust from Pres. Jennings and the Lord. I think we will see great miracles!

I held a shark yesterday. It was kinda vicious...until it started suffocating for air (water?) then it settled down...and I threw it back in the water.

Lee Jung Min is all set for baptism on Saturday and since it's still my Zone and clost omy house I'll be allowed to go to it :). I'm happy about that. She's just great. Pray for her ot be prepared to keep the sacred covenants she's making. :)

I feel old. My body is falling apart and I feel like I've aged 10 years on my mission. Pres. Jennings always says that serving a mission gives you 10 extra years on in 10 extra years of life experience all jam-packed into a short experience, but I'm starting to think that you get the aging thing with it. My bones are always TIRED. It feels good to go to bed tired after a long day of missionary work, though. It's just about the happiest feeling in the world.

I love that my sisters send me nerd-mail including ISS information :).

We're having a little fireside activity with all the missionaries in our Zone on Saturday. It's a missionary Talent Show and we have all kinds of fun things. Some of the elders are doing a dance and I'm in "Grover Band". We use little kid instruments (been looking for handbells wiht no luck) and play the Primary songs. As our last number we're going to do Do-Re-Mi and I will be Julie Andrews....since everyone here tells me I look like her I have the feeling everyone will love it. Our goal is to get 60 non-members out for it and we'll be introducing the Church a little bit and then just have the fun talent show. I'm excited about it.

Anyway, I better go practice for Grover Band. Time is up. Sorry so short. One day I won't be so busy....but I don't think that day is very soon.

I love you all!


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  1. We had a very funny Do-Re-Mi lip-sync at our mission conference, with one of the elders as Maria. It was a scream.

    Good luck!