Thursday, April 1, 2010


The work of God is amazing. I just have to say that my
investigators are all coming along right on schedule....that is that
they are all gonna be ready for baptism right AFTER I likely transfer.
Seems to be the story of my mission. It's really exciting to see
people who grew up in a place and time where believing in God is not
the norm develop faith from the smallest seeds and see it grow and
bring joy into their they didn't even know they were
missing. It's indescribable.

We had a surprise in Masan Ward in the last few weeks. There's
this guy named "YoungMan" (that's not what it means in Korean...) and
about 2 months ago he started coming to our English class. Two and a
half weeks ago he just came to Stake Conference (dressed in full
suit....he looked like a member) after I invited everyone to come for
English practice (Elder Stevenson of the 70 spoke in English and it was
translated into Korean). Then, after Stake Conference he asked the
Elders if he could meet them. They have been teaching him. He's come
to Church twice since then. Well, after Church on Sunday he flat out
asked if he could be baptized. OF COURSE!!! So, His baptism is on
Saturday and he wants to have his wife and 4 daughters come out, too.
He was just so ready. He's such a kind and respectful man. He kinda
reminds me of Dad--quiet, smart and just blooming with kindness. I
guess having 4 daughters will do that to a person :) He's got a PhD in
some sort of Food Packaging and Business something. I'm just so proud
of him. We didn't even do anything....he practically is baptizing
himself. I know stories like this happen...but I haven't EVER heard of
a 3 week baptism in our mission. There are prepared people in Korea,

Our new Ward Mission Leader in Changwon is...overly far-reaching
in his goals. He wants the missionaries to have 26 PROGRESSING
investigators for each team in Changwon alone by April 15. I think
people are doing really well to have 3, so I might have been excited
about a goal of 5---or even 7...but 26 is a bit of a stretch.
Unfortunately I seem to be the only one who thinks so. Guess I'm just
a little short on faith. Forgive me if the thought of getting 52
investigators out to Church in a single ward seems a little outrageous
to me. There's a nice little section on setting reasonable and
"ACHIEVABLE" goals in PMG I will likely bring up in our next
meeting....and probably suffer the wrath of Korean vertical society for
it. When I asked him if we could have a lower goal because we cover
two wards and the Elders only cover one he said "No--and you should get
26 out to Masan by then, too" As much as I'd like to have 52
progressing investigators to call my very own...I suppose I just have
to set my own reasonable goal and be satisfied with that. I just wish
that all the other, more experienced missionaries hadn't completely
signed on like that. I'm quite goal-oriented, but when I set
impossible goals I just give up sooner than when I would have with an
achievable goal. I've taken it out on you all and I can be
calm and collected to discuss it with him. Maybe I really do just need
more faith. Perhaps before I transfer I can create a whole new ward
single-handedly....Enough Sarcasm. Sorry.

Anyway....this weekend is Conference in America....I'm SO
JEALOUS!!!! I have to wait til next week. But it's Easter...which
means I get to celebrate Easter twice...that's cool :). I'm so
grateful that we can celebrate not only the death of our Savior, but
His Resurrection also. I honor Christ for dying for me, but I worship
Christ because He rose for me! Through Him we can overcome both
Spiritual and Physical death. That's a blessing which brings happiness
beyond decription. It's the only thing which brings eternal happiness!

I really do love this work. I love this country and I love this
people. They have a big part of my heart for the rest of my life for
sure. Happy Easter Everyone. Read your scriptures, say your prayers,
and watch all four sessions of Conference (you can watch them in your
pajamas for crying out loud...I have to wear nylons!!). That will make
you happier than anything else you can do this weekend!

Love you all!