Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful 진해‏‏ , April 21, 2010

Well, I've been training for a week and...I'm exhausted :). Things have been going really well, though. The two wards in Jinhae have been DYING for sister missionariees. The members have been so helpful and have given me so much support. They all seem to think I'm much better at Korean than I am, too--'cause they speak at me full speed with regualr (not missionary) vocabulary and I can barely keep up. It's really satisfying to see the big wide grin on a Sister's face when I knock on the door and they open it to see the Sister missionaries---whom they can actually let in (as opposed to the Elders who can't visit because there isn't a man in the house). We're already getting some really great relationships with the ward built and that's a really great foundation for the work ahead. I'm excited.

Lee Jung Min got baptized on Saturday. She said the EXACT same thing I said when someone asked me how I felt after getting baptized---only she said it in Korean "I'm Cold". I was tickled by the similarity. Now to help her develop stronger study habits and such. I've seen too many Less Actives on my mission to be interested in creating a new one. She'll be fine though. She could probably use your prayers, though.

The Fireside the other day was excellent. There were 20 something non-members there which is AMAZING. We had our fun little talent show and then members gave a tour of the Church and talked about the various programs including the Sacrament, family history, Primary, Relief Society and the Youth Programs. I think the members all prepared really well for the speicifc audience that came, which is quite a miracle because we really just had no idea how many of what kind of people would come. It worked out really well.

Funny Story: On Sunday night I went to a dinner at the Jinhae Church and I overheard the woman behind me as she elbowed her daughter and said "Go tell the Sister Missionaries they are pretty so they'll want to stay!" It tickled my heart for sure. They're just excited to have us that's for sure....though, I suppose I shouldn't take any comliments I receive in the next little while to my head...they're just trying ot butter me up! :)

I'm jealous Scott has an area book to clean out. There's a grand total of three former investigators in my TWO area books. All that's in the books is the dividers. It just adds a new challenge to the game I call missionary work, that's all. It's kinda fun to figure out the ward history and family trees from scratch. It's like being a private eye only people tell you more than you want to know :).

Sis. Cramer is AWESOME!!! I was expecting to get the same kinda prideful and know-it-all missionary I was when I came in--kinda as pay-back. She's so humble and so willing to do anything to help. Besides that, I can't believe how much better she's gotten at Korean in just a week. It's really awesome to see the miracle of the Gift of Tongues from an outside perspective. I feel like she'll be better than I am by the end of the transfer. Then again, I still feel like I still haven't learned anything since the MTC...I'll always feel insufficient, but the Lord always gives you the amount you need for the task ahead. It reminds me of something Pres. Monson said in a General Relief Society Meeting in Oct 2007 (I'm paraphrasing) "Pray not that your tasks will meet your abilities but that your abilities will meet your tasks. Then it will be YOU and not the task that is the miracle." It's true....our tasks are designed to shape us. It'd be a shame if we gave up that chance for growth and begged for an easy way out.

On that note, I leave you to enjoy the wonderful, mystical land that is Korea. The fresh spring leaves are out and the mountainsides look like a different country (maybe some sort of jungle in Asia or something :) ). It's beautiful...even if it IS raining :).

Much love to all!!


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