Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Somehow my request for a picture of the Nova must have fallen through the cracks somehow. I think Malea took some decent ones right after Dad had all that work done on it. Maybe she can get it printed. I don't know---you can coordinate that.

Just so you know, Elder Romero went home on Friday on medical leave. He'll still be going to Korea, but when he found out how much time his physical therapy was going to take he opted for stopping the clock rather than spending half of his mission doing nothing at the MTC. He'll be back in in 6-18 weeks depending on how quickly he heals. It's the best way, though, even Elder Holland, who reviewed the case, agreed--and Elder Holland NEVER likes missionaries to go home.

Our teachers have both left. One is doing a study abroad in Pusan, so I COULD run into him, and the other is going to the Jerusalem Center. It's gonna be weird the next couple of weeks with two new teachers and Elder Romero gone. The MTC will be a different place without them. Funny how quickly you get used to a new routine.

Umm, I know this is weird, but would someone send me a pitch-pipe? I can't stand it when people pick super-weird keys to sing hymns in. I'm not a fan of hearing sisters try to hit obnoxiously high notes, nor do I enjoy trying to hit them myself. I'll just have to be the music nerd with a pitch-pipe and the key of every hymn memorized :). So, we went camping the other night :).

Pictures will be in the mail as soon as they are developed. I'll send them to Chalene so she can attempt to upload them onto the blog if she feels adventurous enough.

Good News: They finally opened the Missionary Field!!! This means that we're not stuck inside for gym-time and we can go play in the field. I'm not so good at softball, but I'm a fan. As always, I'm the only girl. I'm hoping some talented girl will come in and save our reputation when it comes to softball, because I'm afraid I'm not much of a representative. I can usually hit the ball, at least. Catching and throwing are a different story. My hand-eye coordination pretty much ends at my calculator--and anyone who's done homework with me knows that even THAT isn't so good.

Ashley, to answer your question about foursquare, yes, there are still goofy names for hte moves, but they aren't the same at the MTC because we've made up our own in our respective languages. I've learned a lot of fightin' words in Japanese :). So it's like Asian foursquare rather than Elementary school foursquare.

We got some native Koreans in again, and this set will be leaving with me. It's probably a good thing that I can understand these ones better than the last ones. Still don't catch much unless they speak really slowly for me. The other night they were chatting away and I was way lost and then I heard the word for "red" and I said "What's red?" and they just thought it was the funniest thing. I was proud of myself for catching a word along the way with how fast they were speaking. THey are really good at helping me practice, though. I like it. It's fun because they are our roommates, so we see them a lot. I like it.

Time's up!

Love to all!


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  1. I was blogstocking and found your blog. My son in Busan has a blog and then there is a link to another missionary Josh who is in Busan right now. I will keep stalking...... check out the blogs calebander.blogspot.com