Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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April 7, 2009

So, the MTC is a very interesting place, I've decided. It's full of all sorts of cultural anomalies. For example--of all of the games offered in the gym, who'd guess that 4-Square was the one they'd have to watch most closesly to be sure people aren't playing too competitively? Seriously, though, the Koreans against the Japanese in 4-Square is a competition that's been going on for ages--and it is INTENSE! My teacher said it was going on when he was in the MTC 5 years ago. Weird. You'll be happy to know that I've become quite good at the sport and they no longer just let me win because I'm a sister--which was quite irritating. I even made queen several times this week--and that hasn't happened since elementary school (IF it happened in elementary school). It's funny thoguh because the sisters came up to me and said "We were all rooting for you!" I hadn't realized I was the only girl "brave" enough to play. I've taken too many engineering classes if I don't notice I'm the only girl...

Another weird thing is that people always find bizarre ways to injure themselves. For example, our old zone leaders' twin brother had his lung collapse. You'd think he was doing something strenuous, but no--he was playing head, shoulders, shoulders, knees and toes in porteguese class. He's okay, but had to have surgery. And Elder Romero, in my district, dislocated his shoulder-also something you'd think would require something strenuous. No. He was doing sit-ups. You read that right. Sit-ups. He will be getting surgery tomorrow to stitch the tendon back to the bone. Weird.

Um, I have 5 minutes---so I'll just tell you about the box of consecration. There's a box in the residence hall where all of the sisters who are leaving put all of the stuff they don't want. Then sisters sticking around can pick it up. I don't know why I bothered bringing ANYTHING to the MTC--because anything you need will be there in a day or two. It's quite humorous. We've lovingly dubbed it the box of consecration. Okay, maybe that was dumb, but it was funny to me.



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