Thursday, January 7, 2010

‏‏‏The New Sun Rises (tomorrow)

First off...yes Chalene, you DID win with Star Trek IV. Not only did you win, you were also the only one thoughtful enough to send ANYTHING before Thursday when I checked my email (Preparation day is now Thursday. I was rather hoping for some emails to respond to, because I'm afraid not much has happened in the last two days since I last emailed everyone, and I'm fresh out of ideas for random chatter after our phone call last week. :)

Things are going well here. Tuesday was a day filled with tracking down less-actives who weren't home (typical...). I'm not sure what these people do. They're definitely not at the Church, they aren't home when we visit, and usually if we know their work address they aren't there, either. Where do they hide? My next thought is to check the Karaoke bars, but I think Pres. Jennings might have some strong objections to that :).

Yesterday was a sort of slow day as far as missionary work is concerned. In the morning we had an excellent District Meeting in which we learned quite a bit about the ways we can "lifts the hands that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees." It was really inspiring. I'm so grateful for the leaders in my district and zone right now. All of the missionaries in my zone right now are just wicked smart and have hearts of gold. I'm learning a lot from them. After our District Meeting President Jennings came and we had President's Interviews (for those who don't know---those happen once a transfer---every 6 weeks--and it's a great chance to talk to an older, more experienced person about any of the struggles you're having in the work. It's wonderful). It takes a lot of time to interview 12 people individually. Perhaps just as important as your 15-30 minutes with President Jennings is your time with Sis. Jennings in the waiting area. She tells amazing stories and she's really smart. Not to mention she uses English vocabulary which I haven't heard in a year or more. It's really good for strengthening my English again :). Anyway, my interview was excellent, and I received a lot of really good pointers from Pres. Jennings that I'll be implementing right away.

Another thing that was really cool in the last few days is that I did a little exercise for me. I sat down and prayerfully made a list of "Things I Could Do Better." I found that most of the things on the list were things that at some earlier point in my life I already HAD done better---I just let them slip. THe list was quite long, however, I made ANOTHER list called "Things I CAN DO to Be Better". I found that making only 3 or 4 goals covered most of the things in the other column. It was really good to take a step back and refocus---get my target in the crosshairs, so to say. Then, I gained great appreciation for Ether 12 :27. God gives us weakness so we can learn to be humble---learn to trust Him and ask how to do things HIS way. If we do that HE WILL make weak things become STRONG. That's the whole point of the Atonement. So, as you all look into making New Years' Resolutions, keep in mind to make goals that will help you in more than one area, and then turn to God to help you accomplish those goals. He truly will give you guidance and strength. It's the promise He gave when He sent His Son into the world. We will always be able to find a way to overcome all things through Christ. What a beautful promise!

On a slightly different note, I just finished the Book of Mormon (remember Pres. Jennings' challenge a few months ago---highlighting in 5 colors?) It's quite satisfying ot have that marked copy of the Book of Mormon. I read the book again and I prayed about it and...It's still true. I'm so grateful that God answers our prayers so we can know truth and serve Him in the way He would have us do. I love the Book of Mormon.

Also---I finished my Virtue Value Experiences and Value Project(the project was reading hte Book of Mormon---significant that it's the only Valeu that only offers ONE project, and that is to read the Book of Mormon--The Book really does have power to help you understand virtue and hte need for it). Yes, I'm talking about Personal Progress. I figure that if they add a new value that in order to qualify to wear my medallion I had better do the new value, too. The project was reading hte Book of Mormon---significant that it's the only Value that only offers ONE project, and that is to read the Book of Mormon--The Book really does have power to help you understand virtue and the need for it--and also how ot turn to the Savior to receive Virtue. It was a really good experience to do those things. I recommend everyone get a copy of the value pamphlet from your local YW President and work on it. I'm proudly wearing my medallion again today. :)

Okay, I've gotten to the point of boring you with my Personal Study Ahh---haa moments, so I guess I've run out of news. I hope everything is going well with you all. I love you lots. Be safe and have a Wonderful and Happy New Year!


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