Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mail Flubbs--Electronic or Otherwise‏

The email I wrote you last week got sent back for some reason. It just said your email was "unreachable" whatever that means. Maybe your mailbox is full. I will resend it after I type this one. Meanwhile, I am also sending this to Chalene as a back-up plan.

So, as for snail mail. I don't know why Sis. Hall's package was sent back, but it's posasible that was during that little flub of the secretaries in the mission office where they sent all of the mail to the wrong (non-existent) mailbox when I was in Ulsan---that was back in October, I think. It probably sat in a Post office a few blocks from my house for a month or so before being sent back to America. The Elders in the office aren't exactly compotent all of the time.

As for the other packages, I got the package you sent me this past week. I also got one from Mary and another from Grandma and Grandpa Robison. I have yet to get the one from Doug and Cristy or the Andersons or Scott. I will let you know when they come. I'm confident they will come. It's possible that if they sent them to that "Packages" address that they are sitting in the mission home waiting for the next time I make it to Busan(that address can't be forwarded to me). You can send packages to the normal mail address--just make sure you use the US Postal Service (rather than UPS or FedEx or something). Thank you to all of you who have sent me things. It really helps ease that homesickness of Christmas. I hate to complain that my mail is slow getting here to the secretaries because lately the Elders have taken to making fun of me because I get more mail than everyone else combined (I think they are exaggerating a little). They're just jealous! I'm just convinced that it's because I have TWO families writing me, rather than one. This is NOT a request to stop sending mail. :) I'll take whiny Elders over not having mail anyday :). In any case...have some faith in the postal system. It is MUCH better in Korea than in the US---it's just the missionaries that are the weak link. So, send it with faith---and then pray that the secretaries will keep their heads on straight. (And that Elder Haarken will eventually actually get my passport to me so I can get a new foreigner card....sigh...we really need Sisters as secretaries...).

On other notes...I had some quite delicious Chicken last night (for some STRANGE reason Fried Chicken is called "Mek-shee-kahn Chee-Keen" here--just smile and nod). I will fondly nickname this chicken gingerbread chicken. It was liek a dessert. It was breaded with stuff that tasted just like fresh gingerbread...and the sauce was none other than a more liquidish verson of molasses. It was rally good---and I felt guilty eating it as my main meal.

The other day I was talking to these teenage girls on the bus and I taught htem about Heavenly Father and prayer. I gave them my phone number and told them to pray and then they could call me to talk about it. One of them said as she got off the bus "Yeah...I'll do that---when I'm bored." Sad that people only make time for God when they are bored. He could help them all so much--and they just won't let Him. Sigh.

Rondom: This area was Sis. Montgomery's "greenie" area. She was here a year and a half ago (which is a long time for someone to remember missionaries!) and a lot of people have told me that 1) I look like her----and ask if I'm her younger sister, and 2) that I speak Korean just like she does. The funny thing is that they claim that we both have "Italian" accents. Maybe it's because we're both classivally trained musicians? I don't know. I'm not suprised I speak liek her, though...I learned Korean from her, mostly. Weird.

Anyway, I don't really have much news to announce at the time. Just that things are going relatively well. Sis. Lee So Youngand i have our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade this time with her for anything. She really helped me ralize my own faults and weaknessees and as a result I'm becoming a better person. I am really excited for our split with the Sisters' representative on Monday, though :). I get to go to my Greenie house and proselyte in Busan (going to Busan and riding the Subway into Oncheon-dong has a feeling akin to driving through Monument after being away from home for a long time--like going home). I like it.

Everyone have a fabulous New Year. Count your blessings and make good resolutions---good goals help you progress.

Much love to all!~~


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