Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sorry this will be short but we just got a call to move our appointment up a half-hour. I still haven't read the emails for the week, so sorry if I don't respond to something important. It will get taken care of...eventually.

This week has been fabulous...and fabulously exhasuting. My new companion is amazing, and she's just what this area (and I) needs to get the ball really rolling (liek a stone cut out of the mountain without hands).

Unfortunately I caughta cold so I've been just wiped the last couple of days...I slept on the buses as much as I could, and naturally, today when sleeping is an option I feel much better :). Go figure.

I'm excited to meet with one of our former investigators tonight. She's a member referral and got taught EVERYTHING and even had a baptismal date but there's no record of why she didn't get baptized. We're meeting her with the member friend, so I think it'll be really good.

The weather was really nice today...I just sat one our deck writing letters and sleeping all day. Wondeful. Sunshine is amazingly therapeutic.

I really gotta go...Love you lots! Have a wonderful day!


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