Friday, January 22, 2010

I like life . . . Life likes me . . .

To All:
Well, my new companion is Park Sung Hee. She's from the Seoul area. I'm really excited to work with her....she's way fired up for missionary work, and after my last companion did everything in her power to smother my fire I could use a little rekindling. I think things will go well.

I had the special opportunity to spend the last 4 days up in Ulsan with my trainer, Park Min Jung. It was SO fun. Shinjung, my old area, got whitewashed when Sis. Montgomery left, so I was put in charge of catching everyone up on the area. It was such a blast. I love that place. We had so many appointments and I got to go visti all of my investigators who have since been baptized. I also just got to spend some precious time iwht my trainer realizing just how good of a missionary/teacher/person she really is. I think I was kinda hard on her in my head, but now i see that she really is a little miracle worker. I'm jealous of Sis. Hadden who gets to be her last companion in my favorite area :).

The best part of this "split" was a visit with an investigator that went amazingly well. This woman is SO prepared. She's an engineer--which is cool....I've not met ANY female engineers in Korea besides's less common than in the U.S. Anyway, she needed to be taught the Plan of Salvation and I can see EXACTLY why I was sent there for those short few days---I think exactly like her and I was able to explain it from an "engineer's" point of view. The Spirit was so strong and my companion and I taught in complete unity---it was amazing. At the end of the lesson she just sat back and looked at the board where we'd drawn it all out and said "I already knew this....I already knew it." And she did. Because she'd learned it and studied it in the pre-mortal life. I love missionary work.

There are finally younger American sisters than me here. I met one today--she's really nice but she was quite jet-lagged and smothered with attention. SHe's the first new one ine a while, and we were all quite excited.

I'm glad Chalene emailed me about Haiti so fast, I'd have had a devil of a time figuring out what everyone was talking about, considering they pronounce "haiti" "I.T". I would have wondered how Information Technology could have gotten so brutal as to kill so many people. Setting all jokes aside, my heart really goes out to them. Sometimes I think my life is hard, but when it gets right down to it, I don't have any room to complain. Ever. My prayers are with them. If there's one thing I've learned on my mission (and I assure you there's more than one) it's that God is completely mindful of each and EVERY one of His children. He will support them as they trust him.

Everyone stay safe and happy. Much love to you!


P.S. I finally replaced all of the contents of my lost wallet. Including a Temple Recommend...IN KOREAN :). I think answering those questions is one of the greatest privilegdes of life...acknowledging before an authorized representative of God that you are worthy to enter His house. Wow. That's special.

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  1. My (Korean) trainer was a civil engineer. She's an American citizen now. I imagine being a female engineer in Korea would be quite different.