Monday, November 2, 2009


I like when I hear from all three of my sisters in one week. You're all doing such different things and in such different stages of life, yet you're all so the same. Now....if I only heard from my brothers once in a while...

Our Halloween Party went off without a hitch. It was really awesome because we got a lot of less actives to come and several investigators came as well. It was worth all the time and energy we put into it. Not to mention our spook alley was the coolest of all spook alleys. The kids all loved it and we missionaries were in charge of the thing. Too bad the kids understand that they have to wait in line and are patient, but their Mom's put up a stink and cut in line. Weird. Anywa, it was SO FUN to get to see all the Korean kids in their costumes. Halloween isn't celebrated in Korea, so we were just proud that we got people to come and to wear costumes. I was a witch--simply wearing black missionary stuff with an orangish witch hat. It was so fun. It was definitely exhausting, though.

We had a member meal appointment today. Elder Matsuura claims there was shark on the table, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Maybe I eat shark all the time? I usually don't ask. I know most food simply by the Korean name and whatever English name I gave it as a greenie---things like "Fish Hot Dog" or "Noodle Disaster". Don't ask, don't tell.

Mom, just take your shirt to CA. You'll regret it if you don't.

Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa Ogilvie! I hope all is well with the both of you! Keep on keepin' on, and take good care of each other!

Honestly this last week exhausted me. We spent most of the week tracking down less actives to invite them to the Halloween party and the rest of the time helping members figure out how to help us with the party. It was totally worth it though, lots of people came to Church the next day too.

I'm so excited to get my Conference Edition of the Liahona. I never realized just how much I rewatched talks for fun until I couldn't do it anymore. I'm dying to read it again! I love hearing from living prophets! Yay!

It got kinda cold yesterday. I actually wore a coat today. Weird. I can't believe it's getting cold. But it was cold when I started my mission---it can't come full circle yet---it's too fast! I just got started!

Thanks for all that you do, everyone. I love getting your letters and hearing about what's going on at home. Take care of yourselves and keep me updated!



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