Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Love Missionary Work!!

Monday, November 9th, 2009

First off, Malea wins the award for keeping me in touch with family events. Congratulations to Marge and Baby Dominic. Now that I know you're in my prayers for sure :). Sounds like life continues on in stride at home.

So, the first big news is that Sis. Montgomery is NOT going home at the end of this transfer. Because they've cut our numbers and there are so many people going home, Pres. Jennings asked her if she wanted to extend, and she said yes after much prayer and fasting. I'm so excited for her. She's got such a wonderful outlook on missionary work. She's treating these extra six weeks as the best gift God could ever give her. We're both truly elated. This means that I could be transfered, though :(. I really want to stay and "kill" her, and I hate the idea of leaving Shinjung--but we'll see what the Lord says about that, for now, I at least have another 4 weeks with her in this area, so we'll making the best of them!

Well, yesterday was the Primary program here in the Shinjung branch. It was so adorable. Kids are cuter in a foreign language. I really love our little branch. I love that in the middle of Sacrament meeting the oldest member in the area will shout out her opinion on what's being said and that the little grandmas are less well-behaved than the children. I love that a little girl named Su-Ah cried all the way through the Primary program---not just cried---but sobbed exhausting sobs :(. Poor thing. I love that the bus system in Ulsan is run off a magic teleporter system and you magically end up somewhere you didn't know you were going if you don't watch carefully. I love these people and I'm so grateful to know them so well. So delightful. This is a great place, and there's much work to do here to strengthen the members and build the kingdom.

As a side story. Because a few 11 year old non-members showed up to Church on Sunday (I just typed Sinday first---hehe) we went to Primary with them. THe only problem is that they were basically just having a party from having done the program. So, we impromptu taught a Valiant 11 class. Then we went back for Sharing time and the kids were still bouncing off the walls (Sisters called to primary are angels---I don't know how they do it). Well, the Primary President was trying to get them to be quiet. In Korea you get children to be quiet in much the same way you do in America---you try, but you don't succeed. They make a sound which equivocates the "shush" sound we make, only replace the "ush" part with "it". SO we're sitting in Primary as the adults are all swearing at us in English without even knowing it :).

Life is beautiful. I'm so grateful for this precious time to serve the Lord. There's so much to do in His vineyard---all over the world. I'm so grateful to be a part of the Lord's building team here in this stage in Korea. He directs this work and helps all who seek to do His labor.

I'm grateful to you all who so lovingly support me. Thanks for letters and emails! Keep the Spirit and take care of yourselves!


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