Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello all!

First off--why did Dad have to get surgery and second WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME??? I could have been praying for him--ya punks!

We made a crazy trip to Busan today. It's about 2 hours by bus and subway to anything interesting. So, of our short P-day 4 hours was spent in travel and some of the rest of the time in a little tea shop with all of the sister missionaries. It was fun, but I have no time now.

This week has been incredible. Lots of fun and lots of work. We had District Conference which was one of those Broadcast dealies from Salt Lake---Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Holland spoke. It was SO amazing to hear just how aware those leaders are. They said exactly what needs to be said to this people to help them make the next big steps in bringing about the Kingdom of God. I can't even describe how PERFECT their remarks were.

I have lots of things I want to tell you, but I really can't focus well enough to have it come out in normal english right now because of these little kids addicted to video games next to me cackiling evilly and the mean little Korean girl breathing down my neck and telling me I'm taking too long (I've been on 10 minutes!!!).

I'm grateful to be a part of the mircale that is going on here in spreading the Gospel.

Love to all!


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