Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another rainy day

For All:
Well, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Beautiful and rainy. I finally gave in. I'm going to buy some new shoes today...I'm afraid I may begin to rot before long. Maybe some golashes....those sound nice and dry. On rain not-coming days the other shoes will continue to be worn. That sentence was in Korean grammer forms. Awkward.

This last week we met with Park So Young. She's 21 and is hoping to go to the BYU Engligh Language School in the Fall. We taught her the first lesson and she just gobbled it up. The best part about her though, is that the second I saw her I could have sworn I knew her already. And every time I've seen her since then I just keep trying to place her, but I can't. I'm sure it's because I knew her in the pre-mortal life. She's just familiar to me.

Today some Census people came by the house while my companion wastaking a nap. First they were very suprised to find that the person speaking to them from behind the door was a foreigner (foreingers can'tspeak Korean....period). Then they were really suprised that I knew the word Census and could describe it back to the as a "people counting thing". I only knew the word because I had studied it among my family history research vocab the day before. They are lucky they came so soon after studying it. It was fun to be the person whose door was knocked rather than the other way around for once. I ended up giving them a Book of Mormon....not bad for nap-time on a P-day :).

We ate at a new buffet for lunch yesterday and it was delicious. It was the first good buffet I've been to in I ate a LOT and was planning to forego dinner, but of course at the last minute a member invited us for a meal appointment and since we had no outstanding appointments and it was E. Park Lok Hyoung's last day...we accepted. After having eaten two steaks, 2 big bowls of pasta andvarious other Asian foods (including jellyfish...that was a first) I went and had to eat three pieces of pizza and a HUGE bowl of dok-kuk (rice-cake soup with seawead). I was busting at the seams. I swore off food for eternity but have since rethought that decision. Lunch got the best of me by 1:00 PM. This eating stuff is hard work.

I know this is short, but time is short and I have to get shoesand get to Masan for a member baptism (8-year old) by 6:00, so I gotta go. Much love to all!


P.S. Sis Hadden (one MTC group above me) is training....that's scary...I'll try to stay under the radar on that bundle of responsibility (with my luck, Pres. Jennings is reading this).


  1. I love the census people story. Awesome.

  2. I had dduk guk for my birthday this last week. It was quite tasty. (And very filling!)