Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day!!

First things eyes are fine. I appreciate the prayers. They were still blurry for several days, but they have since cleared up. I'm still planning on getting new glasses before I go back to America, though, but that's not for a long time so I'm not going to worry about that right now. For Chalene and Malea who commented on their surprise that I was wearing mascara...I've worn mascara since the MTC because being a missionary, frankly, is exhausting, and I kinda need the mascara in order to look not dead. I found some cool stuff here in's purple...not purple enough that people know its have to look really close to notice...but I'm strangely satisfied with the idea that I'm getting away with wearing purple mascara as a missionary :).

Despite being p-day we were going to have an appointment with an investigator who said she didn't have any time other than Thursday to meet this week. There's this really cool spiritual phenomena which happens to me every once in a long while where I am given, during my study time, exactly what to say word-for-word, what questions they will ask and which scriptures will help them understand. Today was one of those days. It was really cool---just revelation flowing from on high---writing like mad to be able to study and remember it. It was probably one of the best lesson plans I've ever been able to put's uncannily tailored right to her needs. Usually the inspiration is more in gists and topics than this specific stuff. However, almost every time such revelation has come to me in that way we get punked---which is what happened today. Satans good at his "job" dang it. It's days like this that I'm grateful for Jospeh Smith's words "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." He can try to slow it down, but he can't stop it. It's the Standard of Truth--it's the work of will go forth! So, I'm kinda frustrated with Satan for frustrating my plan, but I'll show him up next week, so it's all fine. I suppose I'll just be grateful that I have a full P-day back again.

Last night a couple of our investigators decided to go to a BYU-Hawaii introduction fireside so we went with them for moral support and to help them get the answers to their questions. All I have to say is that guy has a really good sales pitch. I've never really had any desire to go to Hawaii at all, but I do now :). Perhaps some of the reason for the change has nothing to do with the BYU-H guy, but with the fact that the things I didn't like about Hawaii are things I've learned to like (or at least tolerate) on my mission (humidity, beaches--just not crazy about them, fish, smelly oceanness). I dreamed about Hawaii all was really weird.

My companion and I had a very enlightening conversation the other day. She said "I can't believe it's so warm." I said "It's getting to be Spring." She said "But it snowed the other day." I said "Isn't that what happens in the Spring?" She said "No." My Colorado-all-season-snow self was a little stunned. It took me a couple days to realize just how weird it was to the Koreans that it snowed at all---let alone in March--and THEN it had the nerve to be warm and bright the very next day. That kind of thing is unheard of here. Okay, not so enlightening...I always knew...or at least heard...Colorado weather was crazy, but now I'm experiencing the normal. Hmmm...that was a boring paragraph.

My companion and I have been on a taco-making fest lately. We went to HomePlus (the equivalent of WalMart....sortof...) the other day and managed to find salsa. So we bought it and brought it home. Once at home I was reading the label was made in Belgium. Who buys salsa made in Belgium?!?!?!

This weekend we're having a screening of "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" (the movie showing on Temple Square right now). We got Korean subtitles and Pres. Jennings figured out the legalities of getting permission to show it yeah. It's gonna be awesome. I loved being able to watch that movie in the MTC every other week (and I was in the MTC a long time...I've seen that movie A LOT!!) I think it'll be really good for the members and investogators here. I'm excited to see it again, too. I'm going to take notes...I'm sick of reading hte old ones I made :).

Things are going well for me in the work. If you could pray for Park So Young, Kim Kyeoung Eh and Lee Jung Min that would be awesome. We don't have much else we can teach them without them decided to accept the baptism challenge. I know they are hard names---sorry about that. I have great investogators, but they're all afraid of commitment. Prayer is gonna be the little nudge they need, I hope.

I love this work, I love this country, I love this language and I love this people. I find joy beyond description in serving my God in the Land of the Morning Calm!

Love to all!

~Sister Rachel Margaret Ogilvie~

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