Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainy Day‏

Well, it's my 1 year mark. Hard to believe really. I guess I just have to fess up to the idea that I'm getting to be an old missionary. Crazy.

Yesterday I went on a split to Busan. IT was kinda fun. I've split with Sis. Beh a lot, so nothing exciting there, but I did get to meet the teo Greenie Sisters. They are filled with faith and hope. They really remind me of me at that age....just freaked out that I'd never learn the language or figure out how to do missionary work. It really put forth in my mind the miracle that it rteally is that I've come so far...and also just how miraculous the vigor and faith of a new missionary is. It was like talking in a mirror backwwards in time. I love them so much already. They are rock solid and are gonna be great leaders in the mission.

It's a little hard to focus in here because the Olympics are on and the ever-famous Kim Yoon-A is skating. I can't focus on my own thoughts with the Oooo--Aaaa from all the Koreans :). I had written on my list of things to ask where the Olympics are this year, but since it's painted under the ice in big letters I guess it's in Vancouver. It's funny how being a missionary really does dislocate you from the rest of the world. I completely forgot about the Super-bowl until E.Grover asked me if I knew who'd won the other day. :). I like being in my little sports ignorant world.

Today was Sis. Jennings birthday and we had a little party with the people in Busan, I happened to be in Busan, so I was excited to go, but I got disinvited by a nervous Zone leader and AP who thought there wouldn 't be enough food. So--we ate somewhere else and came anyway---not obedient exactly, but it works. As soon as we got there everyone begged us to eat the left-over pizza and cake (of which there was plenty). Go figure. It's a good thing I didn't let that make me's cute that they got all stressed about it, but even a shortage of food is not worth the potential bad-feelings that can come from disinviting someone from a party. Sis. Jennings was very glad that Sisters came, too I think. Elders don't know how to throw a party for women...:). Then she scolded me for listening to the Zone Leaders and AP's (by eating on my own...listen I don't eat a lot people). Is that a blank check for disobedience???

Umm, nothing overly exciting beyond that. I'll try to come up with better stories next time.

Love, ~R~

P.S. Miracle Story: Yesterday I got hte hiccups and as some of you may know when I get the hiccups I usually have them for three or four days and I end up having quite a sore diaphraigm. Well, Sis. Beh in our prayer to start our planning session prayed that my hiccups would stop and they did....I didn't hiccup even once after that prayer. God answers prayers.

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