Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brief Notes from an Old Missionary‏

I feel incredible stressed out at the moment. Trying to figure out all of the stuff for me to go to BYU in the Fall all in one sitting is not a good idea. All will work out. Breathe.

As for the work--it's good. Nothing has really changed a lot since last week as far as my investigators are concened, but they are coming along slowly.

My mission is too short. I feel like by the time I can actually start to speak Korean with any amount of efficiency I'll be past due to go home. It's a good thing the true language of my mission is the Spirit, because if people learned the Gospel through Korean I couldn't help them a whole lot. It comes, but it's slow. Anyway, I feel like I just got here, but people are starting to tell me I'm an "old" missionary. I don't like it. I'm just so grateful for the opportunity to serve. It's such a blessing. My mission has taught me how to be truly happy.

It's been raining a TON the last few days. You would think it was the monsoon season. It's been pouring for several days straight. I'm usually fine with rain, but recently all of my shoes have developed leaks. The thing I hate most in the world is COLD FEET. THe thing I hate the second most is WET FEET. Now I get a wonderful combination of the two. I've been keeping my eye out for new shoes, but I think I won't find any as comfortable as the two pairs I brought. I guess I'll just have to buy some golashes :) (that's an EXCELLENT word, that I'm really proud I remembered).

I spent a lot of time figuring out school stuff, and in the process several drafts of important emails got eaten by the wrath of so I had to restart them. I can't wait for the google server to swithc over in March (as rumor has it). The Church is true, but it's not a very good email service provider.

Sorry if this email sounds's loud in here and I've been fighting with emails and stressing about housing...I'm not usually this frazzled, I promise.

Much love to all!


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