Monday, October 12, 2009

If any show creates Happiness, It's Conference!

Well, it's been a fabulous week. A lot of proselyting time was cut out for Zone Conference and then General Conference, but that's definitely worthwhile--one must LEARN the Gospel before they can share it.

I can't remember if I told you or not but last Zone Conference Pres. Jennings set a goal for our mission. He calls it "White Christmas." The goal is to have every missionary in the mission help one investigator into the waters of baptism before Christmas. This is a bit of a stretch for the stage the Church is in here and the opposition and the current average numbers, but we're all pumped about it and we're being prayerful and faithful, so I think it'll happen.

Another cool thing about Zone Conference is that President Jennings provided each of us with a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon in our native language and we were given the assignment to finish it by Christmas. He also gave us five highlighters and we're supposed to highlight each of the following in a different color: 1)Every reference to the Savior---directly or in pronouns (simplay AMAZING how many there are) 2)Words spoken directly by the Savior in revelation, in person or through the Prophet with a disclaimer of "thus saith the Lord" 3)Christlike attributes (my personal favorite--how do you become like Jesus if you don't pay attention to His attributes?) 4) Doctrines of the Gospel---underline the whole book--haha---I've turned it into a cause and effect analysis on behavior (if you____ God will___ and you will be happy) and 5)Parallels to missionary work in our mission---travel, compa/glorified/perfected) and 5) Parallels to our mission and missionary work--companions, travel, distant and strange lands, rejection, support, family, etc. I love it. It's kind of labor intensive to read with five highlighters in hand (especially since I have to use a straight-edge for my own sanity), but it's really rewarding. I'm learning so much from it. I love when a passage merits more than one color. YOu can get so much truth from the simplest Book of Mormon passage! Ahh, the Book of Mormon is true!!!

Speaking of---how about General Conference? WOW! I can't really pick a favorite. Elder Holland was incredible---sometimes when that man speaks I'm surprised the pulpit doesn't shatter from the intensity. Such a wonderful fire of testimony. I also really liked Elder Scott and Elder Nelson---I learned a lot about revelation and what things hinder it---and how to overcome those things and build upon the revelation we receive. I also really learned a lot about the importance of love as our motivator to do good things. Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar really allowed us to see how the love of God and the love of all men (particularly our families) work hand in hand to produce our happiness. It's just incredible how each one builds upon and strengthens the others' testimonies. AHH---I love it. I can't wait to read them---and mark them---and share them with the people!! It just makes me wonder how anyone ever feels confident raising a family and living their lives without the wise counsel of these inspired men of God. The world is a scary place, but the Lord has allowed us to build upon the Rock of Revelation where no storm can penetrate or destroy. I love the Gospel.

So---go watch Conference again. It's amazing. I love it.

The work continues forward and we search for people everyday while helping to prepare others for the future. This is the work of God.

I love you all!


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