Monday, October 5, 2009

Homesick for Conference‏

I just want you all to realize how lucky you are that you get to watch Conference live and hear the prophet's words as they come out (even with a ten-minute delay). I'll be watching it this coming weekend. I'm really excited. I love Conference. Hard to believe that the second of only 3 conferences on my mission is completed, though. Weird. I'll have many comments on it next week I'm sure. Mom, since the live feed didn't work on the internet you should go back and try it now. They are available and should work fine.

The upside is that we had Sisters' Conference this past weekend, and it was amazing. A full account of all we did would be way too long. The highlights of the highlights are that we watched The Errand of Angels and I just have to say that that movie made my mission seem WAY too short. That girl was complaining about food more normal than anything I've EVER eaten here, and she spoke more German fresh from the MTC than I speak Korean now :P. It was fun to sit back and watch a movie about missionary work though. We also played jeopardy, which was fun---I mean how many people can claim they played jeopardy in the Jennings household :). The next day was really great---each companionship was in charge of teaching one Christlike attribute from the sixth Chapter of Preach My Gospel. Everyone had really awesome activities---there are such great teachers among the sisters in our mission. I look up to them quite a bit. Our attribute was Hope and we taught about how so many generations of Saints look back on the times of Moses to find hope and realize the power of God and the miracle of the Atonement. We talked about splitting the Red Sea and the miracle that it really was that they could escape the greatest earthly power of their day. Later in the day we went to the beach altogether and it was just really cool to think of the water being split and being able to walk through on dry ground. Wow! Then we connected it to teh Atonement and how seemingly imnpossible things (like splitting the sea or being forgiven of sins) are possible because Christ loves us and gives us power. I promise it came out more coherent than that...Anyway, I'm so grateful for those many dispensations of Saints who had enough faith to perform miracles because they set such a great example for me! Another highlight from sisters conference was our trip to the bath house. It's usually tradition to take the greenies there when they first get here, but the day I got here the place was closed. I LOVE THE BATH HOUSE!!! You go in and the men go in one side and the women another. You strip down to your skivies, take a quick rinse shower and then you go play in the water--which is delightfully warm because the whole place is situated on top of a natural hot spring. It's like going swimming--only in really warm water--naked. It doesn't take long for you to forget that everone is naked, and you feel so free! I particularly like the champaigne bath (note that D&C 89 specifically states that hard drink is for the washing of the body). No thanks, I don't drink, but I once bathed in it. Loved it. I'd do it again :).

Another hit from this past week was Chusok, Korean Thanksgiving. Luckily we had a lot of meal appointments cancelled on us, but we just had enough to make it feel like a holiday. It was really weird because no one was out. The streets were empty----I didn't know that was possible in Korea. It felt like a weird sci-fi movie where all the people disappear. The best part about Chusok is that it's really early--which means more time for Christmas music, according to the "wait til after Thanksgiving" rule. :)

Anyway, because Sisters Cofnerence was technically our preparation day I don't have much time here today because we have to get to work. I also won't be writing any letters this week and I'm a few weeks behind on that anyway. So if you've written me, I promise I'll get back to you, it just might not be until the Millenium :).

Love you all! Thanks for the love and support. You're just great. Keep the Spirit!


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