Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, here it is anyway!‏

I know I said I wasn't gonna email, but my companion needed to email, so I'll send a short one.

Today's Korea story: the Bidet. That's one to wikipedia before continuing on (I hope I spelled it right). In case I didn't, a bidet is a fancy toilet that--well--it sprays your bum when you're done. Leave it to the French to invent such a contraption (now I sound way to much like Scott). I had heard of them before coming here, but I didn't expect them to be popular here. Korea is really random in its culture adaptations.

Anyway, the first couple of times there was a Bidet (pronounced buh-day) I just wasn't brave enough to try it. I mean, that just seems like a toilet is trying to get a little too personal. But one day I was feeling adventurous. So, I pushed the little button with the little blue butt-cheeks on it (can I say that in a missionary letter?). Well, the spray was just what you'd expect---just a little awkward, but you could get used to it. The thing that made the experience interesting was something completely different.

I assumed that it would be like a flush---they give you a certain amount of water and you're done: congratulations. Not so. You have to TELL IT to stop. So here I am, sitting there with my bum exposed and the water is getting warmer and warmer--and I'm wondering how long this experience is supposed to last. It felt like an eternity before it occured to me that maybe one button turns it on and you have to either a)press it again or b) push another button to turn it off. Meanwhile, I'm realizing that my companion and hte elders are waiting for me to go and I can't just leave it going because my bum is the only thing keeping it from spraying everywhere. I finally found the stop button. It felt like the longest bathroom visit of my life. The thing does have remarkably good aim, though. Life is full of surprises.

That's about all the storiness I have time for.

Tune in next week to see how our appointment with the minister goes tomorrow. We gave him the Jesus Christ's Gospel pamphlet (what's the pamphlet called in English) that basically outlines AoF 4 (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost). He loved it so much that he asked for 20 so he can use it as a teaching tool in his Church. We agreed to give him the pamphlets if we can meet with him to discuss it (aka give him a lesson). Hopefully something comes of it.

Anyway, I have to go dry my shoes out or the nasties will start growing (I love Korea).

Much love to all!


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