Monday, June 15, 2009

A mouth of my life never to be repeated‏

Sorry no letter last week. I typd in your email address wrong. Poo. I resent last weeks letter.

I'll be calling Father's Day sometime shortly after 7PM your time. I'm just gonna call Mom and Dad at the house---any siblings who are able to come are definitely welcome. Um--Mom mentioned going out of town in the last letter. If no one answers at home I'll call Mom's cell phone. Other than that, I don't remember anyone else's phone numbers and I don't really have a way to get them before it's time to call. I got permission to call from the Mission Home, though (it's transfer day for us) so it should work out. Hope that works out.

So, I lost my notebook this week so I didn't take notes on what to write about. I am kind of at a loss. It's crazy how everything in Korea is becoming normal. Normal is definitely a relative term because I still have to convince myself that eating squid is an okay idea (which happens at least once every day). I've been eating it for a month now and I'm not dead yet...

One thing I really miss and took forgranted in the US was the abundance of good pianists. People ask me to do musical numbers all the time here, which is all fine and dandy--and i love singing to invite the Spirit, but it's really hard to sing when the pianist is fumbling. Not that I have room to talk because they are doing better than I would in that situation, but it's frustrating none-the-less. Fumbling piano mixed with sightreading music AND Korean at the same time makes for some interesting rehearsals, but life goes on and it's amazing how you get better as you continue to try.

Some lady just came over and said something about "other people" and "time." That's about all I caught. I think she wants the computer. Too bad. I was here first. She can have it when my hour is up. How's that for a Christlike attitude. I claim American ignorance.

Yesterday we went to a fireside given by the man who first translated the Book of Mormon into Korean. It would have been really cool, except I didn't understand most of it. When I'm in Church meetings I write every word I understand translated into english in a notebook, that way I can catch a theme and some of the message, but with this guy there came a time when I thought he was speaking Japanese. Sis. Beckstead and I got some good tic-tac-toe/note-passing time in. What I did catch was really cool---it was just way over my head. Yay for 2 hours of biographical information in Korean. Welcome to Korea. Welcome to my life.

Sad thing this week is that Yon-Hyon Ryung called up completely drunk and told us she didn't want to be baptized. Satan knows who to target and how to target them. We;ve been praying to figure out how to overcome those things, but it all comes down to agency and her will to cahnge. We haven't given up yet, though. The Spirit is the only reason I feel confident at all in this very delicate work I'm doing---the work of saving souls.

I've started a list--the title I stole from Sis. Hadden: "Things that can't be found for love or money in Korea--or at least a reasonable amount of money--and love was out of the question anyway" From here on out the list will be shortened to TTCBFFLOMIK.

Reeses anything
hand sanitizer
cookies (they exist but they are all missing either fat or sugar or both---you must have both of these to have a cookie)
peanut butter in almost any form
anything with hard red wheat in it
anything with an enriched variation thereon

There are more, but I don't have the list here.

I better take off...there's now a line for the computers.

Much love to all. i'll try to be more organized next time---though next time will only be a few hours after the phone call, so I don't know what I'll have to say.

Until next time!


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