Monday, June 29, 2009

Got Milk?

So, I've decided that I don't get enough dairy in my diet anymore. It's really a shame. When and if you ever send a package, will you send me some sort of calcium supplement? I have a multi-vitamin that has about 40% of the recommended value--so anything that's 50%-100% is fine. Check Sam's Club. I'm just scared to buy any sort of vitamins here---I can't read the labels and they consume WEIRD stuff for "medical" purposes.

Speaking of packages--I received the package from the Robisons with dried fruit in it. THANK YOU. It was a package from heaven.

Okay, about the minister/priest we met with: It went okay. He was super excited about the message, told us he thought it was great and that he knew we were true messangers of God. He was excited about Joseph Smith and was glad that we were teaching people that God answers prayers. No real intent to change, though. So--it went about as best as one could hope. The funny thing was that he prayed for us and he kept saying things like "I know these Americans can't understand my prayer, but help the people to listen to them and change their lives!" So, he prayed for others to change, but won't change himself---and he assumed we couldn't understand anything he said. Yes, I was lost a lot, but the other 2 americans there could understand fine. Whatever.

Another memorable thing about the visit was the fact that Elder Murray had a couple of holes in his socks---and the minister's mother, who was sitting in on the lesson, insisted on fixing the holes while we tauught. So this woman was sitting there darning his sweaty, stinky socks while we taught. She is a better woman than I...

I was in Gupo station waiting for a bus the other day when I noticed an unusually large crowd under the bridge. There were a bunch of Korean men shooting crap under the bridge (that's a dice game, not something to do with excrement). The best part is that in Korea they still wear weird colored pinstripe suits--so they looked like a bunch of gangster/gamblers from a musical. I felt like I'd walked into Guys and Dolls and was waiting for my cue to bust out into "Follow the Fold". Ahh, my life.

Mom, in your next email can you send me the top--maybe ten?--things that you think are helpful in having a visiting teaching list function properly? No one does it here---as in they've never heard of it---and I'd like to get it started. The message is in the Liahona--translated in Korean, but they're not making visits. We're going to try to teach the leaders how to organize it. I never really was all that crazy about HT/VT but I've come to realize just how important it is. If these people did it they'd have nearly a stake, and not just a little branch. So---everyone go do your teaching appointments and be grateful you live where the Church is so strong. We as members always need to support one another in all things!

Okay, I'm outta time.

Til next time!


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  1. I hope you don't mind me blogstalking. My son is in the same mission, Caleb Anderson. He writes short letters that I post at I love Rachel's posts. We laughed our heads off. Janae Anderson