Monday, May 25, 2009

Nothing like the smell of kimchi in the morning‏

Hello hello!

So, I decided there are only 3 smells in Korea: kimchi, fish and bus exhaust. Occasionally there will be a strong, fleeting whiff of something else, but it always disappears before you can identify it. I've thought about numbering them "Mysterious smell #___"

Well, once again I left my handy dandy notebook at home, so I don't have a constructed thought pattern.

So, this is super hard. I thought I could speak Korean alright in the MTC but I feel like I went backwards and speak less here, rather than more. I AM learning, though, and things are going well. It's amazing how I'll spend the whole day struggling to understand and respond yet I'll still go to bed happier than I've ever been. God blesses those who serve him, because I SHOULD be crying myself to sleep every night with how hard this is, yet I just feel a gladness in my heart.

Good news: President gave me permission to call on Fathers' day, so I need you to send my your "Sunday schedule" so I can figure out when the best time for me to call would be. We'll be in touch on that.

Funny story: the other day I was in a missionary coordination meeting with the ward mission leader and I felt pretty proud of myself because I felt like I knew the gist of what we were talking about. After a little while I realized that I understood so well because he was conducting in English. Yeah, I really AM blonde.

Chalene, what is the missionaries name whose Mom found my blog? That'd be fun to know.

My companion is great. I am really lucky that she speaks as much english as she does. She's got a heart of gold and never gives up on me. I'm very grateful for her. Not to mention she knows the bus system like the back of her hand (which is very helpful).

Gah, I know I had stuff I wanted to say, but my mind is blank.

So, I realized the other day that there are 4 times as many people in my AREA as the population of Scott's ENTIRE mission. Craziness. There are probably more people on my floor of my apartment complex than in the entirety of Wolfpoint. It's a different world out here. It's funny how fast you get used to all of the people, though. Personal space just doesn't exist. It works.

Well, we're off to go see a Buddhist temple--supposedly one of the biggest in the world. That should be fun. I'm excited.

Oh, Sis. Beckstead got a package with dried mangoes in it from Costco in it--and they were DELIGHTFUL. Maybe they have some at Sams? (That's not a hint at all :) ).

Much love to all!


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