Saturday, May 23, 2009

MTC Pictures

Last picture without a nametag!!!

My first day -- you can't tell, but I'm shaking. My excuse is that it was cold.

Camping. Sis. Oates, Sis. Peterson, {Korean that must mean "Me"}. We look very drawn out after a long day of learning Korean. Yay for tents & S'mores!

I know... it's pathetic... BUT I LOVE IT!!!

Sis. Peterson, Me

Not a fan of the random Elder who took this picture... apparently he thought I cared about the white wall more than the people. Me, Sis. Lee, Sis. Kang, Sister Peterson.

Japan: Sis Ho, Sis Ige, Sis Hart, Sis Rice
Korea: Sis Peterson, Me

The District :)
Me, Sis. Peterson, Elder Romero, Elder Nye, Elder Fertig, Brother Fjeldsted

Sis. Peterson, Me

Elder Nye, Elder Fertig, Elder Romero

Sis. Peterson, Me

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