Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Subject

Hello All,

I'm very saddened that Chalene and Company are moving away. I must say that I like the whole family always being in one spot. I'm sure things will be great there.

Today is Sisters conference and so all 18 sisters have 4 computers to use. Therefore this has to be short, But I get to call in a few days anyway.

Jinhae is just a wonderful place to be. I'm loving it. We've found a few potential investigators this of whom had read from the beginning of the Book of Mormon through a good chunk of Mosiah....she didn't even let Isaiah stop her. The hardest thing for her will be that the Church is a whole block from her house where her current Church is across the street. A whole block for greater truth...

I got hugged by an American sailor the other day. The guy said "WE FOUND THE MORMONS IN KOREA!!!" and threw his arms around me. Awkward. He was fascinated with the Book of Mormon in Korean. I let him have it....maybe now he'll learn Korean...and his Grandpa who's a member will have another opportunity to share his testimony with him. I should stay away from sailors...they always try to kiss and hug me...why does President Jennings keep posting me on the coast??? Those ones are just no good...

Anyway, times up...I love you all. Say your prayers, read you scriptures and go to Church!!!


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