Saturday, September 4, 2010

There's no place like home!

Well, I've been here two weeks and life just flies by so fast. I'm already neck-deep in homework.

Coming home was a strange experience. I never realized that I grew up in the country-side...Colorado Springs feels so small-townish after being in Korea. It was nice to see my family again.

Karina wins the surprise award for having been in the LA airport when I was on my way home. Chalene on the other hand wins points for a good effort gone bad...she accidentally included me in a mass-email that announced to her friends and family that she was coming home to surprise me.

I was really glad to have everyone come out. I kinda had an inkling that maybe Mom and Malea were the only ones who would bother coming to the airport. I had settled the idea in my mind--but this was much better.

Well, that's it...a year and a half passed by fast than I could blink. Life is shorter than you think.

For your information, my blog stopped working for a couple weeks because I tried to log in from Korea to find some people's names about whom I knew I'd written home about. I guess blogspot didn't like that much. I think all of the emails are loaded up now. Much thanks to Chalene who 관리ed it all this time (some words still don't come very naturally in English).

I think I'll continue blogging, but I might change my address...I'll be sure to post here first if I change.

Say your prayers. Read your scriptures. Go to Church.


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