Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frogs, Choirs, and Recent Converts‏ (Jun 28 post)

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday. Unlike Scott's recent comment...I was nervous. But mine was in Korean...that's my excuse. The talk was on "Things As They Really Are" A talk by Elder Bednar that I really love about making sure you use your body properly by being careful with how much time you spend watching tv/playing on the computer, etc...This may be the only time in my life I've actually stayed under the time limit in a Sacrament Meeting talk, though :).

Last week we had a big stake Choir Conference and every ward brought a few numbers to show off and they gave away silly awards (the Ammon Award was given to the director who waved her arms around most viciously). It was really fun. My kind of activity. As we were practicing for it the sister next to me turned to me and said "You have a beautiful voice--very clear!" In traditional Korean style I refused the compliment profusely. Then she added "Like a frog." .....She must know something about frogs that I don't know :).

Speaking of frogs---this past week we had a mission tour and Elder Ringwood of the Seventy came to speak to us; his favorite song is "How Gentle God's Commands". I decided to be kind nad not teach him the REAL lyrics and ruin it for him for eternity.

We had a choir put together for Elder Ringwood. Initially I wasn't going ot sing in it. When my district leader asked if I wanted to, my first response was "Who's directing it" (we've had a few not-so-pleasant directors in the past). He said he didn't know and I just decided to join anyway. When we got to rehearsal...they hadn't PICKED a director. The choas was driving me bonkers so I quieted everyone down and got them seated and then I asked "Who's in charge here?" Blank stares. I landed myself the position. I'm not a very good director. There are some of you back home who can attest to this and have had to suffer through my limited experience. It was really scary, but I said lots of prayers was marvelous. Things went so well. The choir just listened to everything I said and my arms just did what they were supposed to. It was even a song with lots of time changes and I didn't goof everyone up! President and Sister Jennings both told me on separate occasions that it was the best musical number they'd heard in the mission thus far. Prayer goes a long way...and begging for the Spirit to carry the message and angels to add their voices goes a long way. It was really gratifying to me to know that I COULD direct if I wanted to, with the Spirit's help. Prayer might have led me to engineering, but I'm still a musician at heart. I was really grateful for the whole experience. I can't even tell you how I felt the hand of God supporting me through it.

Elder Ringwood's words were well said (is that how you say that in English?). I can't even tell you how everything he said was an answer ot my prayers and study. I definitely believe in modern prophets and revelation. He said exactly what I needed to hear to help me get the last big push I need in my mission. I'm so grateful for the way he taught out of the scriptures with power and authority.

Last week I got to see Lee Jung Min, my recent convert in Masan (the one I first met as a greenie in Gimhae). She looks amazing. I can't even tell you how the Gospel has helped her open up. She's just blossomed overnight. Christ does amazing things for people---if they but turn to Him and seek His help. It's good to know I did at least SOME good here---even if she's the only one I really touched (but I'm confident there are more).

Elder Rockwood has been very patient waiting for a computer, I better take off. I love you all. Have a Happy Independence Day!

Don't do anything I wouldn't do!


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