Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sore . . .

Yesterday we had huge Sports Conference for our Stake. It was a blast! I'm proud to say that I'm the only missionary who didn't get sunburned... :)

Korean dodgeball is really's much more creative than straight dogdeball in America and is much more about stratagy than brute force or hitting each other hard.

The best event was kickball---by far. I haven't played kickball since elementary school. It was a blast. The only people who played were the moms. The fun part is that I knew EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I've been around this stake for a while, I guess. I've never seen any of these women do anything more rigorous than dishing rice (and trust me....sometimes they do that QUITE rigourously) or making kimchi (a unique chore in and of itself)--and it was quite entertaining to see. It's the only time in my life I've ever been told I was good at sports :). They were just all excited that the missionaries would play with them.

P-Day will be changing back to Monday in the next few weeks....still no announcement on exactly when (first week of July?). The reason being a simple declaration from Salt Lake to follow the P-Day schedule set up by the missionary committee. When the prophet says "jump"... President Jennings said that this change will not afftect the return date for missionaries whose tickets home have already been finalized---I think I fit under that category, but it might just be people going home this transfer and not next. There's a small chance I'll be heading out a few days earlier than scheduled before. I'm sure they will be sure to get you the right information on that whole ordeal. The real point is that you should probably return to the Sunday email schedule. It sounds like Thursday was hard for *some* of you this is good news...right?

We had the Asia North Area Mission Doctors come on Tuesday to our Zone Conference. I got to see lovely pictures of foot fungus problems and then listen to a psychologist coach us all on controlling the "little voices" in our heads. Psychology is such a right-brained science (until you get int othe chemistry). I had a hard time taking the guy seriously...I'm not gonna lie. I suppose I should be grateful that my life is balanced enough that I don't need that sort of help. On a more productive note...I've decided to fix the fact that my posture has gotten terrible (Korean traditional sitting styles don't exactly invite proper posture). I shall return to a mediocre level of "lady-like" in the next few weeks. Wathc out charm school--here I come.

Things are a little slow around here this week. Lots of long meetings and events that aren't even in my area have slowed down the process of everything, but they were all good and hopefully beneficial in the long run.

You know you're an old missionary when you get a standardized "Don't get trunky" letter from your mission president. I really like mine and I posted it on my wall above my desk and wrote a sticky note on it that says "Translation: Don't get trunky!!~Love, President Jennings"

One of my investogators read the whole Book of Mormon. Cover to cover. I'm pretty proud of her. She promised to come to Church on Sunday...and it's right by her doesn't have much of an excuse. She's the one that the Relief Society miraculously found one day right at a critical moment. If I didn't tell you that'll just have to wait to hear it later, cause I'm too lazy to type it out right now.

Well, I can keep writing strange little quips about my life as a missionary, but I think most of what I could say would bore you.

Love to all!


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