Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Transfers, miracles and a few awards‏

Transfers came and went and I'm staying in Ulsan with Sis. Montgomery. I'm really excited because we work well together and I really have become a much better missionary since I've been with her. Our next project is Music Proselyting---basically Christmas caroling without the Christmas part. We're singing songs about the restoration in harmony and then we just bear our testimonies and talk to people. So far it's turned out pretty well. I like it. With I could do it memorized, but memorizing songs in Korean is a slow process---much easier to read it (believe it or not). I can read Korean--weird.

Our big miracle for the week is this. Sis. Montgomery and I both usually pack lunches because it's cheaper and healthier, but on Saturday we both FORGOT (we do this every day!!!). Then we were going to eat by the Church before heading to the outskirts of town to track down some less actives, but nothing felt right. Then the exact right bus showed up right as we were about to choose a restaurant. THEN we couldn't FIND a restaurant in the area we went to (this is very strange because Korea is basically MADE of restaurants---everyone owns a restaurant). As we were walking down the street towards a supposed restaurant a guy had told us about we smelled...SPAGHETTI. Spaghetti restaurants are way to expensive for a missionary budget in Korea, but we decided to look at the menu anyway. Despite the fact that it was still pretty expensive we talked ourselves into staying. Then, the beautiful girl who owns the restaurant came and took our order. She turned and left...stopped...pondered...turned around and came back and asked about the Book of Mormon. We gave it to her and introduced it a bit. We're going back today. The crazy thing is that when we went back to the kitchen to get the check she was sitting there reading it with the Bible open next to it! What are the odds that we'd 1)forget our lunches, 2)not eat when we planned and 3)not find a restaurant until we walked into hers---the Lord leads us to prepared people!!

Okay, I keep this list of my favorite things and stuff. Among these lists is a list of my favorite funny English--usually seen on T-shirts. Here goes:

"It's my party and I'll happy if I want to."

"Me?...WE! :)"

"Weepublican" with a patriotic elephant.

"I got this t-shirt for my girlfriend--best trade I ever made"

"Woman never set foot on the woon!"

"I like long-haired, anorexic, hipster boys"

"Carpet and Jello and Home Depot and the Snake"

"There's no place like Lebanon"

"An Oily substance"

"Hi, I'm dot man!" on a shirt with a grid of squares...

"Title can do it!" with Rosie the Rivoter---in Korean you never use the word "you". It's rude. So you use the person's title (brother, sister, mother, teacher, etc)

and there's always the guy wearing "I like shoes, bags and boys."

and my personal favorite "Discover America: Read the Book of Mormon!" The kid had no idea what we were talking about when the Elders commented on the shirt--he'd bought it at a used clothing store and it had a Boy Scout Troop number in the corner---yep, that one used to be an Elder's. People just wear stuff without figuring out what it says, it's just cool to wear English letters---there are several that are just swear words or really bad slang. Welcome to Korea.

Okay, enough of that. Read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to Church, keep the commandments (you think I'm kidding--but I'm not---just do it--it's how you can be happy). Have a good day.

Love you all!


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  1. I once saw some stationery that said, "I love to learn and contact with this world I live in, sliding on the ice pleasantly with my poodle."