Monday, August 3, 2009

Transfers and the Black Market‏

Well, to start off, I've been transferred. I'm now in an area called Ulsan (I think that's the romanization) of it. My new companion is Sister Montgomery from Kamas, UT (up by Strawberry). She was a Music, Dance Theatre Major at BYU before her mission so we should get along well---we'll sing our way along constantly :). It'll be fun and different to be with an American companion. She's excellent at Korean, though, so I think I'll learn a lot from her (it's just easier to HEAR Americans). WE went on a spilt--uh-ehm--"companion exchange" together a few weeks ago and it was a blast. I like Ulsan, but I'm not looking forward to the mosquitos or sleeping on the floor. I think I'll be able to convince the office to get me a tri-fold (a pad like the one I slept on in Gupo) though. As for the bugs, I'll just have to try vartious types of mosquiot repellent and figure out what actually works. Last time I got eaten alive. I got depressed and stopped counting bites at should be fun to see the shipyards up in Hyundai-land, though.

So--little Korean culture tidbit for the day: paper cups. They have little water stands everywhere because you need to purify the water from the tap before you drink it, so water fountains are a no-no. WEll, to cut back on waste (which is a fun game in Korea---always finding a new and improved way to reduce the amount of trash---makes recycling laws irriatating) they give you a little envelope as a cup. Yes, an envelope. Made of paper. It's good for one, MAYBE two uses if you're lucky. I'll try to remember to mail one home next time I send a snail mail letter. I drink water from envelopes.

Another funny thing here is the "vendors" on the buses. THey stand up on the bus and basically soapbox their product. These people are low-profile because they usually DON'T have business licenses. The funny thing is that they are usually selling rather awkward products like wart remover or foot fungus treatment or other things you just don't want ot hear about. The thing is that it probably doesn't work. It's probably just water with food coloring and MAYBE some sugar to give it texture. Since they don't have licenses it's technicallay "black market". I'm tempted to buy something from one of them one just to be able to say that I've bought drugs on the black market. :)

On another note, yesterday was GORGEOUS!!! The night before I remember thinking it was so cool to watch the clouds full of pollution blow out over the mountains. They next morening I couldn't figure out why I thought it was such a nice day, and then I remembered the night before and I looked up and the skay was BLUE, not that nasty drab gray it always is. On top of that the humidity blew out for a short while and we had DRY HEAT---it was incredible---I wasn't sweating! I loved it. I will never complain about dry heat again (probably not true, but I can try). It's so much nicer to actually have evaporative cooling function the way it was intended to!

Okay, with the changes of semester and such I've lost track of my roomies. If you haven't written me or sent me a wedding announcement in the last month I have no idea where you are and would like to know :). Mary, maybe you can facebook Julene and Kendra and try to get them to write me or at least get their asddresses for me. As for the others, hopefully you still read this :).

YEs, Mom ,I remember the partial eclipse at Dave Payne's house. I kept thinking of it the whole time I saw this one. I kinda wished I was making Snicker Doodles (Dave's favorite) instead. I do make a lot of snicker doodles here, though. They're less sweet and Koreans like them better. And they are easier to make so it's less likely my Kroean companion can screw them up while I'm not looking (which has happened---when Sis. Beckstead made some Sis. Kim Yoon Ha decided thet they needed cocoa and added it when she wasn't looking and THOUGHT WE WOULDN'T NOTICE!) Ahh, I love Koreans. Sister, why are the snicker doodles BROWN?

By the way, I got Dad's letter today. Thanks a ton Daddy. I lvoe hearing from you. The pictures are great. I love the ones of me in the old Dodge. Nothing shouts "OGILVIE" like an old car.

It's also good to hear that Grandpa Ogilvie is doing well after the bladder cancer scare---Mom, I can't believe you didn't tell me that. Anywho, I better get going, I have a long way to go to get to Ulsan.

Much love to all.


P.S. Costco is like the Gospel---it's going all over the world, everyone wants it, everyone needs it, it makes everyone happy, you have to be a Member to benefit from it!

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  1. hey! this is the Julene she is referring to. i sent her a letter,but i'm guessing she didn't get it. so my address is

    BYU London Centre
    27 Palace Court
    London W2 4LP
    United Kingdom

    she can write me there until mid december, but hopefully she and i will an synced up again.