Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Liberty is too Precious a Thing to be Buried in the Books!

Today we went to the UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea---it's basically the UN's version of Arlington only it centers on the Korean War and those who served in it. It was really cool, but it burned up our prep day so this is not gonna be wordy.

I'm just grateful for those people who are willing to put their own lives and liberties at stake in order to bring life and liberty to others. If it weren't for those thousands of people from 11 different countries who fought here there's no way that I could be here spreading the light of the Gospel to people. Selflessness works miracles at home and abroad.

So, I've discovered that there is a certain art to filling baptismal fonts. We filled one in Gupo for the Elders' investigators and the following week filled one for a 8-yr old member baptism. It's tricky to get the right temperature and the right amount of water. On top of that, you can tell how long it's been since the last baptism by looking at what color red the water comes out initially. Like I said, it's an art, but one that I'm perfectly okay with practicing a lot, because Baptisms are freaking cool! I look forward to making the water less and less red in all of my areas :).

Chalene, I loved the airport stories. Traveling with kids must be stressful---I thought it was bad dragging 11 nineteen-year old boys to Korea...at least I didn't have to worry that they'd assign Benjamin a seat by himself :)---though Elder Ballantyne comes close :P.

Also, Chalene, yes, I did get that first letter that week--it was much needed and you really gave me a good boost with that stress of first-week Koreaness. That was not English. Or Korean. My brain hurts.

Sorry this is short--miss you all and love to hear your stories. I love this work and am hoping for a slow preparation day next week so I can spend some extra time telling fun stories to you all.

Enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


P.S. God is a cowboy.

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