Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 2009

Hello All!

Sorry the letter is later in the day than usual. I didn't mean to drive you crazy with reloading the email every 10 minutes all day long :). I know the feeling, I promise. Sis. Peterson and I decided to try to email later from now on--it means getting dressed in Church clothes later.

It's crazy to think it's been yet another week at the MTC. Life as I know it has been going well and I'm just excited to be here. The food is getting monotonous and the schedule is more of the same, but it's a great place to be.

Mom, I can't sit on a pillow for a very simple reason: I don't have one. I have a regular pillow, but that hardly works on a desk...The "older" group is leaving in 2 weeks and it's tradition to pass one down, so hopefully I'll be picked as a favorite, haha.

Thanks for the ugly stamps. I didn't know that Purple Hearts were so unattractive. Kinda strange, but they get the job done :P.

If people want to send me stuff I'd like more salty things and a bit less sugary stuff. It just makes me tired. I kinda miss having nuts to munch one whenever I want...so that's an idea...

Funny story: Sister Hadden, also going to Busan, has family roots in Butte. Her mom grew up there and we had a good time talking about Montana craziness.

About the drunk guy with a knife story from Scott--I think I have an earlier reference to it in an earlier letter. I'll try to find it for next week, but no promises. It's pretty busy here and I never feel like I have enough time for little things like that. Besides, I think that story fell under the "Don't tell my parents, but..." category for fear of instigating fear and other parental feelings.

Tell Kelly that I kinda miss singing Oklahoma in the house with him all the time. Yesterday I had all the songs in my head and it was irritating because only one, if any, is mission appropriate. Poo.

So, sounds like the ward boundaries got a real jumble. It's funny that there aren't any numbers anymore. What would we ever do without camp skits entitled "Snow White and the Seventh Warders." I think things will work out well for everyone, though. Besides, now Scott and I aren't breaking the "never date inside your ward" rule---wherever that came from :).

So, funny story (hopefully I can make it make sense). We got some sisters in FROM Korea who are GOING to Korea. We've had a blast getting to know them. It was funny because we had quite the language mishap the other day. Sis. Hadden was saying something about me calling me by name "Sis. Ogilvie" and the poor Korean sisters got really embarrassed and started acting awkward. It took us a while to realize that the sisters thought that she was saying "Sister Ugly" over and over again. They couldn't believe that Sis. Hadden was being so mean to me when I was sitting at the table! It was really funny.

Another funny one was when they had a hard time distiguishing between the words fork, pork and folk(there is no f sound in Korean, so they use p, and same with l and r). They had no idea what pork had to do with dancing! I think we straightened that one out, but I'm not exactly sure, really. I think they just got to a point where they started smiling and nodding.

Another funny thing is how fascinated they are with how white I am. They always point out my white feet, which is funny because whenever they see my feet I'm wearing nylons and my feet are rather tan--for me anyways.

I like them a lot and I can't wait to have a Korean companion--hopefully AFTER I can speak Korean a little better--but you never know what the Lord has in store for us.

Well, I'm late for choir, so I have to take off.

Love to all! ~R~

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